Building Organizations That Last

While your company or non-profit may seem to be doing well in the short term, it's never too early to start thinking about long-term plans. Strategic Writing & Consulting provides you with the tools you need to assess your organization's sustainability. We can help you create a funding plan to ensure services remain intact and can assist you with building an effective grant writing team to help you develop maintainable goals as well as SMART objectives. Are you a new organization in its infancy? We can also help you get on the path to creating partnerships with funders and put your organization in a competitive position to raise grant funding and secure multi-year resources.
We also provide the following training opportunities to help you create a successful grant application:
  • Grant writing 101
  • Common Grant Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • What Funders Want to Fund
  • Evaluating What Works/Assessing your Organization with Performance Measures 
  • Fund Development Planning
  • Return on Investment Fundraising
  • Telling Your Story, Conveying Your Message to Funders
  • Packaging Your Grant Application to Ensure It Makes the Review
  • How to Build a Grant Writing Team Within Your Organization
  • Building Your 501 (c) 3
  • Completing your Non-Profit Application
Organizational Sustainability
In order to ensure the lasting success of your business or organization, you should focus on how your projects and programs will look in three to five years. We'll teach you how to sustain your company by identifying possible routes that will keep your projects running. 
Comprehensive Evaluation
Evaluate the potential outcome of a project with quantitative and qualitative data. We utilize proven tools to establish performance measures for your program as well as creating smart objectives that can provide obtainable and measurable outcomes. Not only does this help you move the dial on a project in order to get funding, it also helps you better understand how to use that funding to its full potential. A strong evaluation is critical in obtaining funding and projects that show results are more likely to receive funding with a strong plan. To achieve this, we:
• Create Survey Tools
•  In-Person Focus Groups
•  Conduct Key Informant Interviews